Gengo Translation offers a wide variety of translation services to companies in Japan and Europe. We also provide guiding and interpretation services for delegations, companies and organizations visiting Stockholm. Our aim is to help companies get easy access to new market opportunities and networks through efficient communication.

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Here you can find our services available to you at any time. In order to meet your special demands we can also provide tailor made solutions in the field of translation, interpretation and business intelligence.

Translation of websites and databases

- Documents, PDF's and power point presentations

-Various forms of correspondence such as letters, e-mails and tweets

Localization of computer software and apps

Guidance and interpretation services for technical visits, events and workshops in Stockholm. We can arrange transportation and visits to various sights in the city with lunch and/or supper.

We can also provide tailor-made guide programs as per your request.

Market research for companies and organizations within the field of innovative technology and design, computer software and clean tech.


Japanese small and medium sized companies looking for partners in Scandinavia.

Swedish companies that want to expand their business to Japan.

Organizations and individuals interested in expanding their professional networks.

about us

Gengo Translation is localized in Stockholm and offers proximity to the young and innovative international business community of Scandinavia. We have experience of working with technology companies, such as software developers, clean tech and IT products as well as with social, cultural and environmental organisations. Our network consists of translators/interperters, business consultants and guides, all of whom are specialised within their field. All our translations are made and quality approved by native linguists.

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Feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any thoughts or questions regarding our services.

We look forward to meeting you in Stockholm - Filip Lundberg, Gengo Translation

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